Thanks to new sponsors, you can now participate at NaNoCon completely FREE!  (both Saturday and the Sunday Summit)  The following organizations have generously stepped up to offer the following Promotional Codes:  
      * Sunday Assembly:  SA
      * American Atheists:  AA

- Start by clicking the "Get Tickets" button below:
- In Eventbrite, click the green Tickets button
- Click on the “Enter Promotional Code” link
- Type in code of your choice (from the options listed above) 

- Check out, and you’re all set!  (no credit card required!)

NaNoCon is possible only through the support of our sponsors and our community, which means you!  For those who committed early and bought tickets, we certainly appreciate you... you have made this event possible.  Please consider it an investment in a better community for all of us, but if you would like to request a refund, we can certainly understand.  We hope everyone will chip in and contribute in whatever way they can... from volunteering, to donating, to buying tickets, to inviting others -- you make it happen!

This event is entirely not-for-profit and our intent has always been to make this as affordable as possible for anyone who wants to participate.   We aim to be an approachable first experience for anyone who's maybe just beginning to explore what being good without a god is all about.


  • Yes, registration will be open all day, so show up as soon as you can make it, and you're in!
  • Yes, we are happy to refund tickets upon request if you are no longer able to participate.
  • Yes, participants under 18 are welcome (no cost), but we defer to your discretion about which content is appropriate. There is a Kids Camp for children on site. There is a $10 sign-up cost per child, and prior registration is strongly encouraged.
  • Yes, we have group rates available for only $10 each if you purchase 10 or more!  (select the "10 for $10" option)
  • Yes, we offer discounted $7 student rates (for anyone with valid student ID), and anyone willing to volunteer for a two hour commitment gets a free ticket!
  • We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and 100% volunteer-run. We keep costs low to remain accessible for all. Your support (and any additional donation you wish to make on our Support page) helps pay it forward and make it affordable for someone else. Volunteers are greatly appreciated, let's build something cool!

See you at NaNoCon, and spread the word!