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Bart Campolo

Jen Aldrich

Bart Campolo

Zach Law

Bart Campolo

Marissa McCool

Bart Campolo

Don Queen

Jen Aldrich is half of the dynamic, in your face duo of Not Another Atheist Podcast. After her relocation from New York to the south, she was stunned at the level of bigotry, hate, and exclusiveness of the religious community. She vowed to speak out and stand for those who found themselves without a voice and become an advocate for those who have been left without a voice in their own communities. With her experience in Politics- both on the local and national level- she has used her experience to question and challenge those who stand in the way of equality for all.

Zach Law continues the (no) award-winning Zachrilege Cast in which he interviews atheists/secularists/awesome people. Find him on YouTube, iTunes, podbean and wherever pretty good content is found.

Marissa McCool is the author of seven books, host of two podcasts with nearly 300 episodes combined. She is a LGBTQ rights activist, with degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in English, Cinema and Media Studies, and Anthropology. She is currently pursuing her MFA in nonfiction writing from Augsburg University. 

Don Queen is one of the co-hosts of The Godless Heathens, a biweekly podcast that examines the crossroads of politics and religion from the secular perspective. Don lives in the metro Atlanta area with his wife Kim, and their two cats.

[Workshop] Podcaster Panel

A few podcasters talking about activism and running a podcast- specifically centered around Atheism and how to utilize that avenue for your voice to be heard.