Pedro R. Garcia


Pedro Garcia knows both sides of the belief debate, having been an agnostic/atheist for the majority of his life. After studying philosophy, especially pertaining to science and mathematics, he became a follower of Christ. He has been on TV as a professional musician (Spain's Got Talent) and travelled all around the world talking to audiences and interacting with them live. He is most passionate about the importance of bringing people together.

[Workshop] Ask and Wonder: Secular and Christian thinkers, together, as an example to the world

Come and listen to Pedro R. Garcia, founder of Ask and Wonder, where Christian and Secular thingers come together to talk about the most important questions in life. The workshop will serve the purpose of being an example of how to engage and bridge the gap among different world perspectives through dialogue out of love, empathy, and challenge. Through the personal life of Pedro, you will learn more about how to create a world where every conversation can be had, and a world where asking questions and wondering about their potential answers will bring us closer.