Nick Fish

Nick Fish

Nick Fish, President of American Atheists, is a seasoned civil rights and civil liberties activist with more than a decade of political, organizing, and leadership experience with many of the nation’s most prominent political organizations and progressive non-profits. A native of Michigan, Nick studied political science at Albion College before working in Raleigh, NC, managing a voter outreach office that registered more than 5,000 new voters and knocked on 25,000 doors in the two months leading up to the 2008 election. After the election, Nick worked in donor outreach, marketing, fundraising, and communications, including with the Secular Coalition for America. Before his appointment as president, Nick served as Development Director and National Program Director for American Atheists.

Since 2015, Nick has represented American Atheists in the media, including appearances on the Fox News programs Spirited Debate, Hannity, and Fox and Friends, and on countless local media outlets. He has been quoted in The Washington Post, CNN, Time Magazine, Newsweek, and The Associated Press. He has created innovative advocacy and visibility campaigns, including AtheistVoter, and has developed messaging and strategy around American Atheists’ legal, public policy, and outreach campaigns.

[TED Talk] Stories to Tell: Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges by Putting a Human Face on Atheism

Perhaps the most important goal of the Atheist community is to take away the negative connotations associated with the word Atheist. Nick shares some of his experiences and offers tips as to help us get past the label to see the people behind it.

[Workshop] Act Locally: The Future of Atheist Activism

With our federal courts packed with judges like Brett Kavanaugh and Congress paralyzed, state and local activism are the only way for us to effectively move the needle toward equality nationwide. They key is building effective coalitions around shared issues and sustaining vibrant local community groups. We will share ideas on how your group can engage all four elements of the ACES toolkit:  Activism, Community service, Education, and fun Social events.