Monica Burns

Monica Burns

Monica is the chapter founder and co-organizer of Black Nonbelievers of Louisville and a member of Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers. A native of Georgia, she’s lived in Louisville, Kentucky for 21 years. Connecting with Black Nonbelievers Inc., Monica began an affiliate chapter in 2015 to provide an accepting community for black people and others who are leaving or have left religion.

[SUNDAY SUMMIT Panel Discussion] Walking the Talk: How to Diversify Secular Groups

Although there have been numerous discussions about improving diversity and inclusion within the secular community, many groups still struggle with effectively doing so. Mandisa Thomas, founder and president of Black Nonbelievers, will lead a panel discussion on how to implement actions that will increase and retain a more diverse membership and also provide opportunities for collaboration.

[2018 Presentation] CULTURE CLASH: Enthusiastic Consent

While the idea of enthusiastic or affirmative consent during sexual encounters isn’t new to some, many adult American’s are having a hard time with the idea of dropping the machismo (toxic masculinity) and internalized misogyny that have cloaked sex in nearly every society prior to the 21st century and most today. Given the advances of mainstream feminism in western culture, why are Americans disturbed by ‘yes means yes’?