Kalai Mugilan, PhD

Kalai Mugilan

Dr. Kalai Mugilan is a practicing Humanist, Sociologist, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Human Resources business consultant, and Emotional Quotient trainer. He has led discussions on feminism and the place of men for nearly 20 years throughout his teaching career, speaking in colleges, conferences and private institutions across the nation and internationally. He has written on the topic extensively.

He is uplifting, thought provoking, and believes in shifting paradigms in order to be a successful humanist. He sits on the board of the Humanist Association of Middle Tennessee.

[Workshop] Men & #MeToo

How have the ways men are socialized been complicit in their all-too- frequent violations of the dignity of women, such as have been repeatedly exposed by the #MeToo movement? This workshop will include examples of how men have responded to this movement in private. Finally, we will examine the complexities of a direct apology to women, and discuss how we might better inform men in preparation for the future.