Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer is the author of five books about his journey out of religion and his former life as a successful Christian megachurch pastor and leader. He currently does individual counseling and leads workshops and seminars about breaking free from the damage of religion and toxic religious indoctrination. He also speaks on the topics of life after religion, and post-God spirituality. Jim is an adjunct professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Religion. He is certified with the American Humanist Association and The Humanist Society as a Humanist Chaplain, and the Vice President of Nashville Humanist.

[Workshop] The ‘S’ Word (Reclaiming spirituality in the secular community)

Humanism, to be a viable movement in the 21st century, needs to expand its parameters to explore, address and include the spiritual dimension of human experience. 33 percent of the population identify themselves as SBNR, and 72 percent of millennials identify themselves as “more spiritual than religious.” And yet the words “spiritual” or “spirituality” appear nowhere in the AHA’s Humanist Manifesto. Many Brights and Atheists equate spirituality with religion, supernaturalism or mysticism. What gives? Author, Religious Trauma Counselor and Humanist Chaplain, Jim Palmer, will be leading this workshop and discussion about spirituality in the secular community. Some of the questions Jim will be addressing are:

  • Should the secular community be exploring and promoting the positive, non-supernatural aspects of spirituality?
  • Is it a semantics quandary for the secular community to be using the word “spiritual”?
  • Is there a secular spirituality and what is it?
  • What’s Yugen got to do with it?

As part of the workshop, Jim will be facilitating a secular spiritual practice for the group.