Jim Helton

Jim Helton

Jim G. Helton is the National Field Organizer for American Atheists. After attending the 2012 Reason Rally, he co-founded the Tri-State Freethinkers. Mr. Helton’s activism at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter landed him appearances in the 2017 documentary film Bill Nye: Science Guy and the forthcoming documentary We Believe in Dinosaurs. He has been quoted in countless news outlets, including The New York Times, Miami Herald, and Washington Post. He is a fixture in local media and has given interviews for international television specials in France, Switzerland, and elsewhere.

As National Field Organizer, Mr. Helton works with affiliates, local partners, and state directors to challenge religious privilege and fight to protect church/state separation at the local level by building coalitions around specific issue campaigns, including medically accurate sex education, LGBT non-discrimination ordinances, and religious exemptions.

[Presentation] The Future of Atheist Activism

[Workshop] Sex Education in our Public Schools

We will present step-by-step instructions to give you the resources needed to change minds and policies in your local school districts. Abstinence-only until marriage (AOUM) sex education and medically inaccurate materials are still the norm in far too many of our public schools. Not only does abstinence-only until marriage sex education not reduce pregnancy rates, STI infection rates, nor postpone commencement of sexual activity, it increases teen pregnancy and STI infection rates. AOUM programs are not neutral or benign "options", they are actively harming young people. The solution is comprehensive sex education in public schools.