Ian Dodd & Margot Page

Ian Dodd & Margot Page

Ian Dodd is a lifelong “none”, the founder and former director of Sunday Assembly Los Angeles, a member of the Board of Directors of the American Humanist Association and humanist celebrant. He has had an abiding interest in human sexuality since his introduction through the pages of National Geographic and the photos of bare-breasted women in far-away cultures and then later discovering his older brother’s hidden stash of Playboy magazines.

Margot Page has three decades of experience as an educator, facilitator and small group leader. She holds a Master’s degree in psychology, has worked with therapists and sex coaches, and is Somatica©-trained to assist people in developing a healthier relationship with their own erotic selves. She, too, is a humanist celebrant and they often perform humanist weddings together.

Together they have been in an intimate relationship for more than 35 years. In the past several years as spouses and primary partners they have been active with the sex positive community in Southern California and have introduced many of their secular friends to sex positive culture and their sex+ friends to their secular community.

[Workshop] “Hell, yes!”: How Humanist Values Can Improve your Sex Life

With the advent of marriage equality, the new visibility of the transgender community, the curiosity around BDSM and kink since the “50 Shades” phenomenon and the media attention on “alternative relationships”, more and more people are becoming aware of the "sex positive" movement. As religious “nones”, many of us have embraced a broader view of sex and sexuality and begun to question/confront the societal norms that impose moral judgements on our inner-most wishes and desires. But for many people there is still some residual guilt and shame, leftover dregs of the negative messages we got from religion and society. In this experiential, first-person (no touch) workshop, participants will have a chance to examine those messages and learn about ways to cultivate a richer, juicier, guilt-free erotic life as an important part the human experience.