Fernando Alcántar

Fernando Alcántar

Fernando Alcántar is a former globetrotting evangelical missionary, denominational leader for the Foursquare Church in Mexico and the United Methodist Church in the US, now a gay atheist activist and author of "To the Cross and Back".

[Presentation] Missionaries of Reason

Thousands of young Christians a year spend their vacations traveling the world sharing a gospel they feel can save lives. But as non-believers, we often fear we have nothing to compete with those promises of salvation which are attached to a condition of conversion. Stand with confidence with passport in hand, as we share stories of the most love-forsaken places and discover how you can be a new kind of missionary who shares something that can truly save the world.

[Workshop] Sex, God, and Other Unsatisfied Desires

In this presentation we will examine the journey of sexual frustration that can exist while withholding sexual desires within conservative doctrine. Learn the ins and outs of sex-negative theology found within different branches of Christian belief, and the extreme consequences of religious judgement.