Dr Darrel Ray

Darrel Ray

Dr Ray is a clinical psychologist, author, and activist. In 2009, he helped found Recovering from Religion, a self-help group for those leaving their religious indoctrination. "The Secular Therapy Project" helps people find secular, science-based therapy. He authored "The God Virus: How Religion Affects Our Lives and Culture" and "Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality."

[Presentation] Male Shame: The Roots of Female Shame

It is easy to see how our culture shames women for their sexuality, dress, behavior, etc. what isn’t generally discussed is how our culture shames men and how that ties directly to the shaming of women. It is two sides of the same coin. Until we understand male shame, we probably won’t be able to deal with female shame.

[Workshop] SocioSexual Orientation: Explaining the Mystery – kinks to fetishes

SocioSexual Orientation is a 25 year old concept, that is little known, yet it helps explain much of our behavior and helps a person understand their own drives and urges. This work shop will use a 9 questions survey and some small group activities to give you a full understanding of why SSO is such an useful way to look at your sexuality.