Dr Brynda Quinn

Anthony Magnabosco

Brynda Quinn, PhD, is a psychologist who practices in Murfreesboro. She is a secular humanist, a humanist celebrant, and is on the board of Sunday Assembly Nashville.

[Workshop] Assertiveness: No “No,” No “Yes”

This workshop will explore the power of being able to say "no" in all kinds of interpersonal situations. Many of us feel guilty when we say no. We fear that others will resent us, or that we do not have the right to say no. These ideas can be difficult to overcome, so we trap ourselves by saying yes when we mean no. Then, of course, we worry that when others say yes, we assume that they are doing the same thing, leading to the "I hate to ask" cycle. We will discuss practical techniques to say no without guilt. Being able to freely and without guilt say "no" is what allows us to truly say "yes."