Bart Campolo

Bart Campolo

Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, Bart became an evangelical Christian as a teenager and was immediately attracted to urban ministry. After graduating from Brown University and serving as an urban youth pastor in Minneapolis, he returned to Philadelphia to found Mission Year, a national service organization which recruits young adults to live and work among the poor in inner-city neighborhoods.

As he became an influential evangelical leader, however, Bart increasingly questioned his faith. In 2005 he returned to street-level ministry in inner-city Cincinnati, where he eventually completed his gradual transition from Christianity to secular humanism. In 2014 he moved to Los Angeles to become the first humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California, from which he launched his podcast and his counseling practice, both of which now reach people around the world.

Since returning to Cincinnati in 2017, Bart has continued to focus on inspiring and equipping people to make the most of their lives by actively pursuing goodness and meaning in an openly secular way. He presently serves as the humanist chaplain at the University of Cincinnati.

Over three decades of Christian ministry, Bart Campolo became increasingly committed to building loving relationships, working for a better world and cultivating a sense of gratitude for the wonders of life.  Now, as a community builder, counselor, podcaster, and humanist chaplain at the University of Cincinnati, Bart aims to inspire and assist people around the world who are banding together to actively pursue goodness in and openly secular way.

[Workshop] Finding (or Founding) Your Tribe

We humans have a strong instinct to belong to small groups defined by clear purpose and mutual understanding. These connections have been largely abandoned in modern society, especially by those feeing organized religions, but relearning the art of loving fellowship may be the key to our psychological survival. In this session, veteran community-builder Bart Campolo will share the basics of establishing a poitive, genuinely caring secular tribe.

TED Talk:  Why Love (Verb) May Be The Most Rational Life Strategy

All living things share our most basic instincts - to survive and reproduce - but each species - has a slightly different way to get those jobs done.  Even among we humans there is a tremendous variety of life strategies, especially in the context of our most technologically sophisticated societies.  Veteran community-builder and relationship coach Bart Campolo will argue that for many if not most of us, proactively connecting with and pursuing the best interests of a small circle of trusted friends isn’t just the cherry on the top of survival, but rather the whole crux of the matter.  He’ll  also offer a few practical tips for those of us who aren’t natural tribe-builders.

[Sunday Summit]  Mock Humanist House Gathering

 Rather than just describing regular, content-driven house gatherings that are overtly focused on pursuing lovingkindness as a way of life, veteran community-builder Bart Campolo invites you to actually participate in one. However, it is one that he-and maybe you-will interrupt with questions and element explanations aimed at equipping you to do-it-yourself back home.