#NaNoCon is now FREE!

Thanks to new sponsors, NaNoCon 2019 is now completely free! (both Saturday March 23 and the Sunday Summit March 24). This weekend’s atheist Convention is the largest in the Bible Belt, and American Atheists are generously offering a free Promotional Code: AA. For details, go to nashvillenones.com/

David Silverman learns Atheists are not here for that

David Silverman, the first keynote speaker of NaNoCon, was fired this week by American Atheists after multiple complaints about his behavior. How very disappointing… of all people, you should have known better, @MrAtheistPants. Women were hurt by your actions, and discouraged from further participating in activist causes.  We strongly support AA’s decision, and we remain committed to inclusive secular spaces that …

Congratulations, Callie & Celes!!

We’re delighted for Callie and Celes, who just got married!  We’re honored you chose #NaNoCon weekend to celebrate your wedding, and we wish you all the happiness in the world!   (gorgeous photo credit to Marissa McCool!)  @gaytheistcallie @celesthelost @gaylemjordan @bobby_nrr #NNC18