Sunday Assembly Nashville Band


The Sunday Assembly Nashville Band is the foremost band performing on the secular circuit. Since forming in 2013, they have rocked the Reason Rally’s convention (with special guest Shelley Segall, June 2016), the Atheist Alliance of America conference, A Conference Called Wonder, and dozens of other events, including being the house band for NaNoCon 2016. With a repertoire of over 100 covers and an album’s worth of secular-themed originals, they are a sure bet for rocking entertainment. In addition to performing songs to kick things off throughout the day, the SAN Band will headline the NaNoConcert afterparty immediately after the evening’s keynote address… Come for the Con, stay for the party! We’re among friends…

Chibi Kodama

Chibi Kodama is the musical product of the Cullimore family (that’s us!). We are a family of 7: mom, 5 girls, and dad. Created in 2013 by me, John (dad), as a hobby to create encouraging rock for our daughters to listen to, Chibi Kodama has morphed into an unflinching expression of our family life.

This April 1st we will be releasing our 5th album, “Between Main Street and Neverland”.  April 1st is a fitting release date, as the album is all about questioning, growing, learning, leaving and learning to really LIVE.

You see, we used to live in a tightly knit religious community, ranging in members from 150 – 300 people. We were anti-vaxxers, homeschoolers, (even tried unschooling) and shared houses with other families in our church. Slowly, over a period of years we realized that we simply couldn’t do it anymore. We had lived there for over 11 years, and it was all our daughters had known…

This last year has been a painful process of moving out, moving on and questioning everything. We even sent our oldest 3 to public school for the first time in their lives! (gulp) We don’t have a ton of confidence in who were are beyond our life-long faith that fell apart, but we’re learning to not focus on what we *don’t* believe in as much as what we do believe in. We’re working on celebrating life with each other beyond shame, guilt and fear, and looking to the hope we have right here and right now, together.

As writers of what is typically labeled as kids music, (though frankly, we don’t want to listen to anything that doesn’t rock good and hard and have loads of heart) we utilized our craft to write an album that is subtly about leaving “faith” and finding life. We write tongue-in-cheek songs, using Peter Pan and Stranger Things references to get our whimsical point across.  Hopefully we leave the listening families with hope, that there is life beyond the mental rut in which we were stuck. This is a message that we believe people desperately need to hear these days.

At our NaNoCon workshop, we’ll be performing, telling bits of our story (which we’ve barely touched on here), and leading a discussion on how families function in life after faith:
How do you do it?
How do we teach our kids free-thinking, confidence and logic?
How do we celebrate our diversity?

We look very forward to meeting everyone, learning from everyone and, hopefully, rocking out together just a little bit! John, Yvonne and the Chibi Kodama family