Sunday Assembly Nashville Band


The Sunday Assembly Nashville Band is the foremost band performing on the secular circuit. Since forming in 2013, they have rocked the Reason Rally's convention (with special guest Shelley Segall, June 2016), the Atheist Alliance of America conference, A Conference Called Wonder, and dozens of other events, including being the house band for NaNoCon 2016. With a repertoire of over 100 covers and an album's worth of secular-themed originals, they are a sure bet for rocking entertainment. In addition to performing songs to kick things off throughout the day, the SAN Band will headline the NaNoConcert afterparty immediately after the evening's keynote address... Come for the Con, stay for the party! We're among friends...

Chibi Kodama

Chibi Kodama is the musical product of the Cullimore family (that’s us!). We are a family of 7: mom, 5 girls, and dad. Created in 2013 by me, John (dad), as a hobby to create encouraging rock for our daughters to listen to, Chibi Kodama has morphed into an unflinching expression of our family life.

This April 1st we will be releasing our 5th album, "Between Main Street and Neverland".  April 1st is a fitting release date, as the album is all about questioning, growing, learning, leaving and learning to really LIVE.

Ross Falzone


Ross Falzone is a local Nashville musician! Here's how he describes his music and perspective:

In my writing, I intentionally address subjects, that are often, the hardest for me personally. The ones, we all struggle with, ignore, or try to sweep under the rug. My first CD led to the second and to the third, and now my Fourth, as well as to a radio show and a new world of community activism, of which, I find to be most rewarding. I know I have grown as an artist, in ways I would not have, if I didn't live here in Nashville and I am so grateful for the experience. I hope to continue, to make music, as long as I can, and try to contribute positively to my community, and most of all, love.