Meet The Seavers

Meet The Seavers

A potent concoction of Vaudeville drenched outsider jazz and odd time signatures wrapped around a clever lyric, one is given the impression that they are hearing something Tom Waits wrote for Sinatra and Nina Simone.

The cigar smoking, interracial couple from East Nashville are more than an oddity: They don’t fit in.

In addition to the music, Meet The Seavers also have their own public access television program of the same name, that serves as a curator to Nashville’s most eclectic, non-country music acts. The show is a mix between the 70’s television influences; a bit of Carol Burnett’s comedic graces, a bit of Lawrence Welk’s flamboyant aesthetics, and the old radio varietals that makes for a program that’s like a forgotten floor show.

Dorothy, an accomplished model, actress (and now award-winning bikini body-builder) comes from a small town in Mississippi where railroad tracks historically separated the white side of town from the black side. Growing up, Dorothy was an overall wearing Tomboy who lettered in basketball and track. At the same time, she was the Prom Queen at her high school and graduated second in her class.

Jace grew up on the eastern shore of Wisconsin in the small town of Manitowoc. He moved to Chicago in the early 80’s and joined a 500 member Christian commune. While there, Jace played bass for a 40 voice black gospel choir and wrote Atheist lyrics for an independent Christian label. He moved to Nashville in the early 90’s to persue his own style of music beyond the influences of his past.

Jace and Dorothy found each other on and have been making music together ever since.