Let's enjoy our meals together!

Lunch - 11:50 AM to 12:30 PM

Lunch combos (sandwich, chips, drink, and dessert) will be available for $7.50. (sandwich options: veggie, turkey, and ham).

You are welcome to Bring Your Own for lunch, and coolers are welcome (refrigeration space will be very limited). No alcohol is permitted on campus, so plan on saving that for later!

Coffee & Snacks

Coffee and snacks will be for sale all day, including baked goods, fruit, granola bars, and other goodies.

Dinner - 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Dinner will be a pizza party & ice-cream social!

There will be some vegetarian options available. For Vegans (and anyone with special dietary needs) you are welcome to bring your own food, and there will be a special potluck table just for you if you would like to share your dish with others like yourself.

Afterparty - 9:00 PM until...

After we wrap up, join all your NaNoCon friends nearby at Plaza Mariachi, a beautiful Latin American-themed restaurant and mall for drinks, arcade games, dancing, and fun!

All lunch sales benefit Sunday Assembly Nashville, a local secular organization. All dinner sales will benefit some very worthy community causes, which will be announced at NaNoCon. For your convenience, lunch and dinner tickets can be purchased anytime beforehand, so you can skip the payment line in style!