Drinking Skeptically

View On Meetup.com Date Friday, 19 Apr 2019 6:00 PM No schedule, no program, no book…just straight up socializing! We’ll put it on a repeating schedule, so you’ll have to check the comments for the place.

Let’s talk about morality

View On Meetup.com Date Tuesday, 30 Apr 2019 6:30 PM Join “Ask & Wonder” for a conversation on morality at Harding House Brewing Co. and enjoy its fabulous and unique beer options. This will be a panel event with 4 speakers: two Christian and two secular thinkers dialoguing on Morality: Is there an intrinsic good and evil in the world? …

Recovering from Religion – Nashville Meetup

View On Meetup.com Date Thursday, 18 Jul 2019 8:00 PM Recovering from Religion provides support to people as they question, change, or let go of their religious beliefs. This ongoing transitional process can result in a range of emotions with consequences throughout someone’s life. We are here to help each other through this journey!

“Hail Satan?” Indie Film Documentary Night

View On Meetup.com Date Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019 6:45 PM We are attending the screening of a Penny Lane documentary called, “Hail Satan?” Description: In the battle for justice and equality, the Satanic Temple is putting up a hell of a fight. The devil’s work is never done. The Satanic Temple is a nontheistic religious and political activist group advocating …