2018 Music & Comedy

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Meet the Seavers

A potent concoction of Vaudeville drenched outsider jazz and odd time signatures wrapped around a clever lyric, one is given the impression that they are hearing something Tom Waits wrote for Sinatra and Nina Simone.

The cigar smoking, interracial couple from East Nashville are more than an oddity: They don’t fit in.

In addition to the music, Meet The Seavers also have their own public access television program of the same name, that serves as a curator to Nashville’s most eclectic, non-country music acts. The show is a mix between the 70’s television influences; a bit of Carol Burnett’s comedic graces, a bit of Lawrence Welk’s flamboyant aesthetics, and the old radio varietals that makes for a program that’s like a forgotten floor show.


Steve Goodie

This Chicago native is known for his hilarious parody songs and hysterically blunt observations, hosting at the legendary Bluebird Cafe for the last 10 years.


Tracy Barkley

Tracy was born and raised in a very small town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Alabama. She was raised in a extremely strict and fundamentalist Christian household causing her to grow up in a very narrow world view.

A keen interest in the rebellious side of comedy started in her teenage years when she discovered Sam Kinison, George Carlin, and Andrew Dice Clay. This all developed into Tracy Jean Barkley busting out of both religion and the comedy closet and diving head first into theater, improv, and stand up in college. Tracy began professionally touring as comedian in February 2016.


David O Friedman

David O. Friedman is The President of The United States and The Greatest Rock & Roll Star of All Time, the late great Roy Orbison. And he's also modest. He’s appeared as Donald Trump at Dangerfield's and other NYC comedy clubs, Off Broadway and on ABC TV’s “The View”.


Ty Hager & The Cowtippers

Described by the Tennessean as "Gloriously weird, smart and funny," Ty Hager and the CowTippers formed in 1994 in an old farmhouse in Murfreesboro, TN, and have been playing together - with the core lineup of Scott Carter and Chris Jackson - sometimes frequently, sometimes sporadically, ever since. In 2016 they added long-time Hager producer/collaborator Steve Goodie on drums, and recently added Mike Adkins on guitar. Hager has just released a 50-song Anthology, "Chronic Illogical," which is available for download from CD Baby, or through tyhager.com. The band is having a "Download-Release Party" at Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville on Wednesday, March 21st.