Nashville Nones!

Welcome to NaNoCon 2017!

The second annual Nashville Nones Convention

NaNoCon 2017 Promo from Elvis Wilson!

* * * Saturday, March 18, 2017, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM CST * * *

Unity of Nashville: 5125 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN

The Nashville Nones Convention (NaNoCon)
is a one-day secular extravaganza for those of us who,
when asked what religion we prefer, select “none”.
This nick-name “Nones” applies whether you’re just questioning your beliefs
or you’re happily religion-free — NaNoCon is an event for you.
Let’s throw a party celebrating good people like us!

The first one last March was a total success with over 400 participants, and NaNoCon is now an annual event.  The next one is March 18, 2017, featuring the brilliant Matt Dillahunty as keynote speaker!  The one-day schedule is packed with engaging panels and workshops, followed by the NaNoConcert and an evening afterparty in downtown Nashville…
friendly, affordable, and fun!

We, the non-religious “nones” (the unaffiliated, atheists, agnostics, humanists, and heathens all!) are statistically the fastest growing group in the nation. But here in the Bible Belt, you’d never know it… So let’s rally up and get a party started!  We’re building a warm, inclusive community celebrating all the wonderful ways we DO belong.  In 2017, let’s get connected, share great ideas, and take away more happy memories.
We’re among friends…



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